30% opening conversion rate on launch.


Collab is a real estate investing platform for student housing investors. Historically, student housing has been a niche market of real estate investing, but with Collab it brings this historically lucrative investment to the market.

The Opportunity: Communicate Value

We were in charge of building landing pages to develop waitlists for the Collab launch. We had to define and test which value propositions or problem statements would resonate best with potential users.

We saw an opportunity to present Collab in several different lights to analyze which would perform best and help guide the brand direction

The Control:

Since we were starting from scratch, there was no control.

The Variation:

We built 5 different landing pages to test different value propositions and messaging to understand what users best responded to. Using analysis from our industries expertise we were able to craft landing pages that use different copy and design to communicate value propositions. We built these landing pages in line with the ad creative to create coherent stories for


  • 30% opening conversion rate on launch
  • Quick understanding of which value propositions worked for the brand
  • Rapid ad creative testing based on landing page data
  • Coherent testing strategy for future landing page tests, leading to +15% gains on initial tests