21% increase in revenue from reducing friction + 20% increase transactions.


A top fashion brand was started when a 13-year-old girl met good people and Mixology was seeded. With a handful of retail stores in the Northeast, Mixology expanded aggressively online during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Opportunity: Emphasizing a Top Conversion Path

Users who converted on Mixology traditionally took 3 paths to get to conversion. We expedited that user journey through some nifty UI.

The Control:

The original home page of Mixology had the banner communicating hot sales on specific products they had recently discounted.

The Variation:

We had three variations to promote the three strongest conversion paths:

Banner Announcement Variant 1: “See Our New Arrivals” – (Revenue – +21.3%)

Banner Announcement Variant 2 : “View Our Latest Sale Items” – (Revenue – +20.3%)

Banner Announcement Variant 3: “Check Our Winter Best Sellers” – (Revenue – +13.6%)


  • We conducted research into their users’ home page behavior and top conversion paths. We understood that these highlighted pages had high conversion rates and interaction behaviors.
  • We emphasized on an existing design
  • We used our own A/B testing development resources to build a feasibility test.
  • We continued regular analysis, adjustments, and A/B test work to deliver targeted results.


  • Variant 1 performed best.
  • 21.3% increase in conversion.
  • 22% increase in transactions.