Nu-x is a DTC brand that sells premium CBD products. 

The Opportunity: Winning Product Keywords 

Despite having many quality blog articles and a well-designed website, did not rank in the top 5 for the target keywords. Another challenge was that some of the product pages had a high traffic volume but below-average conversion rates. 

  • We conducted extensive keyword research, grouped keywords by intent and difficulty, analyzed competitors content, and keyword strategy. 
  • We worked on optimizing existing blog content by increasing word count, adding H2s that targeted potential visitors’ questions, enhancing visuals, and creating valuable, insightful content. 
  • We conducted A/B tests for product pages, comparing existing versions with more long-form pages. 
  • We continued regular analysis, adjustments, and SEO work to deliver targeted results. 
  • 4x traffic increase to enhanced product pages with a 200% increase in product revenue. 
  • Overall 30% increase in website traffic. 
  • 60% increase in “checkout” goal completions. 
  • Ranked 4+ valuable keywords in top 3 SERP. 
  • 20% increase in overall conversion rates.