5% increase in conversions leading to an additional 2000 to 3000 subscribers per month


Pantaya is a Latino focused streaming service previously owned by Lionsgate and recently purchased for $125 million by Hemisphere Media Group.

The Opportunity: Reducing Friction

With increasing saturation in the market, optimizing conversion in their buy flow was key to keeping customer acquisition costs as low as possible and growth steady. Potential customers were dropping off on a step that was deemed as removable. We wanted to see how we could increase conversion by removing this step.

The Control:

The original buy flow for Pantaya was as follows:

Email > Payment > Password > Confirmation

The Variation:

We updated the functionality of the buy flow to provide a temporary password, making the flow look like this:

Email > Payment > Confirmation (With temporary password)


  • We conducted research into their users’ buy flow behavior using analytics tools implemented in the apps and website application. 
  • We worked with their team to establish feasibility of removing a step in their buy flow and what methods were required to do so. 
  • We used our own A/B testing development resources to build a feasibility test. 
  • We continued regular analysis, adjustments, and A/B test work to deliver targeted results.


  • 5% increase in conversions.
  • 10% reduction in churn of subscribers in the first month.
  • Increased subscribes per month by 2000 to 3000.