27% increase in leads.


StreamSets is an SaaS software that allows you to build smart data pipelines in minutes and deploy across hybrid and multi-cloud platforms from a single log in.

The Opportunity: E-Book Customer Definition

The primary lead capture page, which was an e-book landing page, was not presenting the value adds of the e-book and who it’s clearly meant for. Lack of customer definition or value propositions is a great opportunity for optimizations.

The Control:

An initial e-book landing page with heavy sections of copy and a form.

The Variation:

We built a new e-book landing page that targeted users with copy, CTA’s, call outs, and value adds. The primary difference was using large icon callouts to define the users (IT leaders and executives.) By doing so we were making it clear to the users that landed on the page in 1 to 3 seconds that this e-book was meant for them.


  • 28% increase in conversion rate.
  • 27% increase in leads from the e-book landing page.
  • This design and format was used across their landing pages increasing lead generation across the website by 10%.