Turning Point Brands

100% Increase in traffic and 20% increase in revenue for freemaxvaporusa.com & solacevapor.com


Turning Point Brands own two DTC brands FreeMax Vapor and Solace Vapor that sell premium vaping products.

The Opportunity: Building the Foundation for SEO 

Both websites had thin content and no backlink profile. It was challenging to drive organic traffic and rank for target keywords. By building an initial foundation with content and backlinking, these fairly new brands could start building an e-commerce presence.

  • We conducted extensive keyword research, grouped keywords by intent and difficulty, analyzed competitors content, and keyword strategy. 
  • We worked on creating a content calendar to enrich the websites with high-quality content that would push rankings higher in SERP. 
  • We used sophisticated SEO and content creation tools to come up with topics that would drive engaged traffic to both sites. 
  • We continued regular analysis, adjustments, and SEO work to deliver targeted results. 
  • 5x traffic increase to both websites with a 15% increase in transactions and a 20% increase in revenue on average for both sites. 
  • Overall 500% increase in website traffic. 
  • Doubled the “checkout” goal completions.