22% increase in revenue from surfacing an existing offer + 30% increase in newsletter signups.


Zig-Zag has continued to innovate and meet the evolving demand for high-quality rolling papers. Zig-Zag’s line of rolling paper products has expanded far beyond the original booklets created over 140 years ago, providing an option for every roller’s preference.

The Opportunity: Emphasizing a “Hidden” Discount + Popular Pages

Users would normally convert if opting into the mailing newsletter or navigating to the “Papers” section. The client’s existing design did not promote this behavior for users, missing out on potentially converting much more traffic from the home page.

The Control:

The original home page of Zig-Zag had the banner communicating “Free shipping over $50”.

The Variation:

We had two variations to promote the two strongest conversion behaviors:

Banner Announcement Variant 1: “Check out our most popular Papers“

Banner Announcement Variant 2 : “Get 15% Off Your First Order, Claim Offer”


  • We conducted research into their users’ home page behavior and top conversion paths. The banner was the path of least resistance.
  • We worked with their team for acceptable designs.
  • We used our own A/B testing development resources to build a feasibility test. 
  • We continued regular analysis, adjustments, and A/B test work to deliver targeted results.


  • Variant 2 performed best.
  • 22% increase in conversion.
  • 30% increase in newsletter signups.