21% increase in revenue
+ 23% increase in conversion rate.


The Jack Mason brand is a luxury watch company that believes that “With confidence in quality comes confidence in character”. Their watches are designed to elevate the moment and form a unique story of their own.

The Opportunity: Reducing Clutter and Redesign of the Product Page

The existing product page was very long with minimal details. The imagery of the watches was very strong but lacked content in the larger buying experience of luxury watches. We understood that by reducing clutter and making information more available to users on the product page we could increase the conversion rate.

The Control:

Their original product page.

The Variation:

We updated their product page to leverage similar imagery from the original but added valuable context. The watch industry has thousands of competitors and JMB is a boutique and high-end brand that takes meticulous care of its design and features. We highlighted that with this redesign.


  • We conducted research into their users’ buy flow behavior using Google Analytics tools implemented in the website to understand the existing interaction rate with the product page.
  • We worked with their team to identify what features were most meaningful to users.
  • We used our own designers, copywriters, and developers to build the test via Google Optimize.
  • We ran a post test analysis to understand what had led to the large gain.


  • 21% increase in revenue.
  • 23% increase in conversion rate.