13 Reasons to Outsource A/B Testing

13 Reasons to Outsource A/B Testing

In general, the goal of an e-commerce website is to entice users to take a journey through your site and, in the process, make a purchase.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Not always.

The biggest challenge can be figuring out how to create an engaging and rewarding shopping experience that makes your customers want to come back time and time again.


Where to Begin

The first step for your e-commerce website is to define the primary goal of the site.

Is it to click on a specific product? Browse bestsellers? Or sign up for a newsletter?

To increase conversions, you have to smooth out the entire purchasing process from end to end, and make sure you are tailoring your site to your primary goal.

But you already know that

You probably also know that A/B testing, or split testing, is an affordable way to boost conversions through a process called conversion rate optimization.

The results may include increased traffic, sales, and revenue.

At this point, you might be asking yourself if you should decide to use an outsourced team of conversion rate experts or an in house team for something like this.

Let’s break down our top 13 reasons why you should use an outside agency.

Why Should You Outsource The Product A/B Testings?  

#1 Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

AB comparison test. Computer and feedback, research and planning, vector illustration

 Outsourcing A/B testing is more affordable than testing in house because:

  • It saves valuable resources like time and money by eliminating both the hiring and training processes.
  • Your marketing team can focus its efforts on other strategies to improve your website.
  • You can contract out based on the amount of time you need their expertise, such as month to month.

Pro tips:

  • Choose an agency that fits within your budget. Do your research and make a shortlist of several options before settling on a final winner.
  • Usually, SEO agencies offer significant discounts for packages. Include A/B testing (split testing) in that package to save even more money.

#2 No Recruitment or Training Needed

Creating any department in your company requires a lengthy process of selection, recruiting, and training.

We all know how time-consuming that can be, especially for something more complex like split testing.

The benefit of outsourcing A/B testing to an expert team is that it takes the hassle out of recruiting and training new hires, since the agency you hire will have already completed those steps for you.

Plus, it saves you time.

To re-state the obvious, time is money in e-commerce.

Agencies that do website split testing are rapid and effective, which means you could’ve been taking advantage of new business opportunities like, yesterday.

Pro tips: 

  • Ask your shortlisted agencies what they can do for you within a set timeframe. This may vary from company to company.
  • Ask them why they’re better than the competition.
  • Have them explain how each of their findings will help you create more opportunities.
  • Ask them what their clients like and dislike about their services.

#3 Short-term Commitments… LONG-LASTING RESULTS!

A short-term contract is especially helpful if you’re not ready to hire a full- time team member.

Plus, it’s easier to hold an outside agency accountable in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

For example, if you decide this new and exciting venture is not yielding the results you desired, you can easily pause the engagement with the outside agency, rather than having to fire an internal team member.

Fewer errors mean less money spent to correct them in the future, along with booming sales.

Pro tips:

  • Point out any mistakes you notice early on.
  • Make sure the agency explains their entire process:
  • Which variables they tested
  • Why they measured those variables
  • What data led them to this test, and what it may lead to in the future
  • How various audiences behaved
  • Why they didn’t choose something else


Another benefit of a fresh set of eyes is the potential for unique insights that increase conversion rate optimization. Many businesses can come up with innovative ways to increase sales that you may’ve never thought of.

For example, you might think that having fewer fields in the checkout process sounds like a fantastic idea to fight cart abandonment.

The new agency will give you access to ideas that have worked for them. They can look at your data and test:

  • A visual process indicator so that customers are motivated to complete even a lengthy checkout process
  • Removing distractions
  • Including more payment options
  • Adding CTA pop-ups that explain why data safety is more important than quick checkouts (e.g., “for your safety, fill in…”)

Thanks to their experience, the contracted agency can conduct all those tests and optimize your website in less time than it’d take for your in-house service to do so.

The agency most likely has a large backlog of case studies that have worked for other client accounts, so they can apply that same reasoning and methodology to your testing needs.

Pro tips: 

  • Ask them which strategies other clients have implemented that were “winners.” Read their A/B testing case studies and client testimonials.

#5 Roadmap of Product Data

Understanding and road mapping your product data are two essential steps that an outside agency can help you with.

Split testing requires an accurate set of plans and methods to execute the corresponding tests.

So, for a successful A/B test, you must have a complete picture of:

  • Product features
  • User data
  • Popular keywords
  • SEO analysis

An expert agency can gather all that info seamlessly.

Experts quickly identify the key insights that can be buried within mountains of data.

Whether you will do A/B testing on Shopify using Google Analytics or complex A/B testing with headless CMS, remember that these insights are the sparks you need to increase conversions.

Take for example two different demographic subsets and their spending habits.

On one hand, baby boomers tend to spend more time learning how a product works before they buy it and have longer customer journeys.

On the other hand, the Gen Z population is generally more interested in how a product can help fulfill particular self-actualization needs, and their entire customer journey is usually shorter and completed more quickly.

That’s why you’ll need to use different keywords to target these two different audiences.

Conversely, you can choose specific long-tail keywords that target both categories, such as “best eco-friendly shoes for Plantar fasciitis.”

Pro tips:

  • Ask for a detailed data audit
  • Ask to see how they test different variables and how those variables increase conversions
  • Ask what testing too they plan to use

#6 Accountability & Assurance

Troubleshooting is a pain.

Although your in-house team is trusted and dependable, you don’t want them Googling issues that arise during testing.

While adhering to a specific schedule, the agency you’ll work with will deal with all that and much more.

Pro tips:

  • Ask your agency what principles and plans they use to arrange A/B testing calendars
  • Ask if you can also track the effectiveness of all A/B testing
  • Ensure the agency can measure growth and optimize according to your goals
  • Ask what their quality assurance process is

#7 Outsourcing A/B Testing Enhances the Quality

The best agencies have a lot of experience and probably offer integrated SEO services.

This means they can hone more info to build strategies and analyze numbers before finally executing the plan.

Some things you only learn through trial and error, so experience is critical when you want your e-commerce website to sell more.

For example, you know that speed is essential for mobile purchases.

But what about colors?

You can get more conversions by simply tweaking the color palette according to your audience.

Pro tip: Sometimes, even the slightest change in app descriptions or brand logo can bring you better results. Ask the agency what they tested, for what audience, and why.

That brings us to:

#8 Mandated Testing

The agency will do a whole range of mandated tests for your website that an in house team might not be able to do.

Some of the details they’ll check while running tests include images and keywords, page display, product descriptions, speed, and more.

But wait. Where have you seen all those things before?

That’s right: your SEO audit.

As a result, a full-service agency will optimize your website faster than your in-house team because they’ll tap into all the data about your company, your competition, and your audience.

Pro tips:

  • Ask the agency about all the risk factors inherent in A/B testing so that you won’t miss anything
  • Make sure the experts test every content piece before adding it to your product pages
  • Ask why they chose particular tests for each of your customers’ profiles

#9 Opportunity to Perform Better

A/B testing is said to attract visitors, improve user engagement, and generate more sales.

But why would outsourcing guarantee an increase in performance?

It all boils down to testing more and faster, according to unique insights.

For instance, did you know statistics show that Gen X is just as interested in sustainability as Gen Z?

Besides, this neglected generation has a considerable purchasing power, almost a third more than Millennials annually.

An expert agency will know all this and much more.

They will include powerful keywords and detailed descriptions that can help your website target a whole new market with more spending power.

Pro tip:

  • Ask your agency which audiences they have researched and worked with
  • Make sure your agency helps you stand out from the competition

#10 No Operational Cost

Outsourcing your A/B testing means only paying for a company’s real-time: no rent, no recruiting, no extra expenses.

Sound too good to be true?

Here’s the best part:

A/B testing agencies often recruit software developers and digital marketing experts from all over the world. This brings a wealth of expertise and strategy to your website.

As a result, you can complete more complex tasks even in times of fluctuating demand.

Pro tip: Reinvest the money you save with operational costs into additional SEO services.

#11 Affordable Projects & Timely Results

Outsourcing A/B testing is faster and more affordable because you’re paying the agency on a project-by-project basis.

In addition, you’ll have access to a team of experts including software developers, designers, strategists, and dedicated test/ project managers.

They will work together to test content ideas, logo, layout, CTAs, colors, checkout processes, and more.

Each product page will be scrutinized and combed until it’s perfect.

Pro tip: Don’t take our word for it. Really, don’t.

After asking your marketing team how long it would take to complete the project, compare the potential revenue you’d earn using an in-house team vs. outsourcing your project.

#12 Better Time Management

You already know that outsourcing A/B testing helps you save time.

Pro tip: Use the extra time and resources to focus on:

  • Your core business initiatives
  • Innovative methods for increasing your revenue and market presence
  • Pricing strategies
  • Promotions
  • Audiences

Remember that the AB testing process is part of a larger marketing process. Any increase in revenue and market share only boosts the AB testing results.

So, if you can use the extra time to research new audiences or learn about brand ambassadors, you should not waste it.

#13 Get the Best of Both Worlds

Remember that working with an outsourced team is a flexible process.

Thus, you don’t have to give up or reassign your in house team entirely.

Instead, consider the following steps:

Pro tips:

  • Explore interesting website optimization techniques at a smaller price. If you have the budget, you can think about investing in other tools such as A/B testing software and training your employees.
  • Reduce the time spent on a given project. For example, your team can work on core development activities while you do UX design with the outsourced team.
  • Share responsibilities– build tests and come up with ideas together. If your team is more creative, they can contribute to brainstorming visual ideas for your web page, such as changing page elements or improving a cta button. If they’re more technical, they can assist in building testing algorithms. It’s all about playing to their different strengths.


Outsourcing e-commerce A/B projects means quick solutions that lead to growing conversions.

Through a data-driven approach, expert strategists, software developers, and content creators will help increase your page traffic, generate more leads, and drive sales.

As you launch an A/B testing program, never shy away from creating and sharing new ideas with the experts.

Make good use of the A/B testing calendar and improve results with each experiment.

And remember: you don’t have to take our word for it. Get an offer from a top-notch agency to see how much money you’ll save in the long term.

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