45% increase in revenue
+ 16% increase in conversion rate.


V-Flat World brought the first foldable V-Flat to market in the US in 2018. They have sold over 100,000 V-Flats and counting and are an expanding photography commodities company selling domestically and abroad. The demand for content is growing everyday and V-Flat makes the tools needed to create.

The Opportunity: Leaning Into User Generated Content

With endless amounts of content created from photographers and videographers, V-Flat was in a unique position to leverage these assets to increase their conversion rate. By doing a thorough analysis of what paid marketing content was working, in addition to user feedback, we were able to identify what UGC would increase CR.

The Control:

The home page was the original variant in this test.

The Variation:

We updated the home page, adding in the user-generated content carousel, highlighting key things that would matter to photographers purchasing V-Flats. Social media follower counts, videos of the product displays, and top influencers led the way.


  • We conducted research into their users’ buy flow behavior using Google Analytics tools in the website.
  • We worked with their team to establish which influencers and content would work best.
  • We used our own designers, copywriters, and developers to build the test via Google Optimize.
  • We ran a post test analysis to understand what had led to the large gain.


  • 45% increase in revenue.
  • 16% increase in conversion rate.